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Sussex Horse Rescue Trust is now CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC as per the statements below.  This means that we are unable to take in any animals, enter into any loan agreements, accept any volunteers/work experience pupils, or welcome any visitors.

We have noted comments on social media sites that there are no horses on site.  This is not the case.  There are horses still on the farm awaiting relocation with other registered equine welfare organisations.

We will endeavour to give advice on welfare matters where possible, and redirect concerns to other organisations who can help.

We are extremely grateful to all individuals and other organisations who have supported us over the years.


Statement from Sussex Horse Rescue Trust Board of Trustees – 21st November 2019

The Trustees of Sussex Horse Rescue Trust are aware that much false information is being circulated on social media regarding the closure of the charity. We consider it necessary to ensure that the factual inaccuracies are corrected.

The charity is in severe financial distress despite fundraising efforts from Trustees, staff and volunteers over several years.

The Trustees have carefully considered every alternative to closure, including exploring the possibility of merging with other equine welfare charities. The Trustees have also sought professional advice and consulted with the Charity Commission. Unfortunately, there are no viable alternative solutions and the Trustees have had to make the difficult decision that it is in the best interests of the horses and donkeys to be re-homed with other charities. This is our urgent priority. If the charity were to run out of funds before re-homing the equines, this would put their lives and welfare at serious and unacceptable risk.

As a matter of charity law, all of our assets may only be used for our charitable purposes – i.e. providing sanctuary for rescued horses and donkeys. Therefore, upon closure, it is a legal requirement that all of our remaining assets are passed to one or more other charities established for the same purposes.

We wish to make it clear that no individuals will personally benefit from the closure of the charity.

We understand that it is upsetting for our supporters, staff, volunteers and the local community that the charity is closing. However, our duty is to do what is best for the welfare of the horses and donkeys. The wishes of specific individuals cannot be taken into account when the welfare of so many animals is at risk.

We welcome any and all donations in order for the charity to continue caring for the equines until they have all been rehomed, and we ask that any such donations are made only via official avenues such as our TotalGiving page, directly via cheque to Sussex Horse Rescue Trust, or via BACS. Please contact us for further information if required.

If any supporters of the charity continue to have concerns, please get in touch with us directly by emailing sussexhorsetrust@yahoo.com

Official Statement Regarding Staff and Welfare

The Trustees of Sussex Horse Rescue Trust have issued a formal statement addressing the current position of the charity.  The statement was necessary due to the quantity of false information being posted on various social media feeds and local forums.  Amongst the false information being circulated, there were references to the care and welfare of our equines.

The Trustees wish to make it very clear that the charity’s staff and volunteers are hardworking and dedicated to the charity’s equines.  The issues which the charity faces are entirely financial and have nothing whatsoever to do with the welfare of its equines or the conduct of its staff.

The Trustees wish to thank our staff and volunteers for their continued professionalism, support, and hard work throughout this difficult time.


Statement from Sussex Horse Rescue Trust Board of Trustees – 1st November 2019

It is with great sadness that we announce that the Trustees of Sussex Horse Rescue Trust have taken the very difficult decision to close the charity in the ongoing best interests of the horses and donkeys in our care.

This has been a much-considered decision which has been taken with support from the Charity Commission.

We are now in the lengthy and careful process of re-homing the horses and donkeys. There is a plan in place for this and we will update our supporters once this has been finalised. The welfare of the horses and donkeys is our priority and the Trustees are fortunate to have the support of Redwings and other equine welfare charities through this very difficult time.

We will be in contact with all of our supporters, volunteers, and loan homes personally in due course.

The Trustees would particularly like to take this opportunity to thank all of our staff, volunteers, supporters, and loan homes both past and present for their loyalty, commitment and valuable contributions to the charity over the years.



You may find it surprising that there are so many horses, ponies and donkeys in need of sanctuary, but the fact is the need for equine welfare charities like Sussex Horse Rescue Trust is ever-growing.

We are dedicated to rescuing horses, ponies and donkeys that have been neglected, abused or are unwanted, sometimes simply because they are no longer rideable. We currently have more than 200 animals in our care and our aim is to provide a safe, comfortable environment for them at our 100-acre farm, near Uckfield in Sussex.

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